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Religion: The Spread of Hate and Violence

Donovan Loperena, The Bark Staff Reporter

March 26, 2013

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Religion today is seemingly causing many problems in the world. We have extremists blowing up and killing themselves and innocent civilians in the name of their faith, and we also have religion working its way into politics so ...

More than just reaching for the high score

Jack Dubil, The Bark News Editor

February 27, 2013

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“And there’s the GG, StarTales PartinG has taken the final match of the Battlenet World Championship, and will take home the $100,000!!!!” These were the last words heard from the commentator before the massive stage room...

School after morning

John Wilson, The Bark Staff Reporter

February 25, 2013

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The controversy on whether to start school later in the day is an on-going battle between students and teachers, and in many cases teachers against teachers. The thought of having to go to school later in the day has been the ...

Senior exhibition: Just do it

Rebekah Inouye, The Bark Co-Opnions Staff Editor

February 15, 2013

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Every year the senior exhibition is a project that is bemoaned by the majority of the senior class. They see it as a waste of time to carefully detail the ups and downs of their lives that have brought them to this point. Ho...

Sobrato seniors say goodbye to “the happiest place on Earth”

Ashley Bonfante, The Bark Student Life Editor

February 7, 2013

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Disneyland, “the happiest place on Earth,” has been a high school tradition for many Sobrato seniors over the last few years. Along with beach day, prom, and grad night, Disneyland is an event that many seniors look forward...

Learning at home?

Rohan Bais, the bark staff reporter

December 16, 2012

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Larry Zhang, a gawky and nerdy senior in San Jose, clasped his hands in joy after learning that he was accepted to MIT,  one of the most technologically prestigious universities in the nation. He had all the attributes of...

Students stress levels hike up as finals week approaches

Jency Puthupparampil, The Bark Staff Reporter

December 11, 2012

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Finals week is probably the most stressful week ever. It’s the week people start studying for the classes they never cared much for, and it’s the week that people really start panicking about their grades. Although one may ...

Marijuana: The truth behind America’s most infamous drug

Donovan Loperena, The Bark Staff Reporter

November 29, 2012

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Marijuana, also known as weed, pot, mary jane, ganja, chronic, and many other names, is a little green plant that has come to be the most commonly used and infamous drug in America. Marijuana today is illegal to grow and buy,...

Sobrato competes for involvement in math

Rohan Bais, The Bark Reporter

November 19, 2012

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Sobrato, as a newly-developed high school, is lacking in some areas. This is just fine; schools adjust throughout the years to fit the needs of students. For example, more and more AP courses have been offered to the subject-...

What happened to Red Ribbon Week

The Bark Editorial Staff, Staff Members

November 16, 2012

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This past week at Sobrato was Red Ribbon Week. This is meant to encourage a drug-free lifestyle and get students excited about living above the influence. This year, however, it seems that the week fell a bit short of its goal...

When are you “too” old to go trick-or-treating?

Angelica Pineda, the bark Staff Reporter

November 16, 2012

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Kids dress up in a variety of costumes, going door to door chanting “trick-or-treat!” Since childhood, we were taught about the traditional holiday Halloween, and the majority have continued celebrating this year after year...

So, why can’t students go to their cars during school?

Angelica Pineda, The Bark Staff Reporter

November 1, 2012

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For many years we have had the rule, written in bold letters, in our agendas:  The only time students may be in the parking lot is when arriving and leaving campus.Surprisingly not everyone knows the reasons why we aren’t allo...

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