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Turning the Scale

Jordane Robarge, The Bark Staff Reporter

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The lingering expectation of the “perfect body” is becoming more apparent as summer is quickly approaching. As the time counts down the pressure is on for rapid weight loss, but what teens don’t know is crash dieting and diet pills can potentially turn into weight gain.

Crash dieting is a method designed to produce dramatic results on the scale by severely cutting back calorie and fat intake. Crash dieting is known for shedding 3 to 4lbs in three days; however the decrease comes from water weight loss rather than fat loss. This is due to the low calorie diet forcing itself to use and burn up glycogen. Glycogen is a type of glucose that absorbs fluid in the body which is where the real loss is derived from, according to Health and Fitness section.

Although crash dieting shows fast results, it is actually counterproductive: you gain more weight in the long run then you have actually lost.

“Starvation diets cause changes in physiology to increase the body’s tendency to store food,” said Ann Sobrato chemistry teacher Steve Lentz. “When your body stops consuming food it starts storing away fat for later, once the individual is done with diet all the fat starts reappear making it even harder to lose.”

There are sufficient methods to losing weight but they do require patience and hard work.

“The first method I share with my clients is portion control: eat what is good but cut in half what you normally eat and substitute cravings with healthier snacks,” said former Ann Sobrato student and current 24 Hour Fitness trainer Peter Portesie.

Dieting is not only meant to help you lose weight; it’s meant to change your lifestyle in order to keep the pounds off.

Most diets are programs designed to encourage you to eliminate bad habits rather than turning all your focus to losing weight. The key to losing weight means daily exercise routines and consuming fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and whole grains.

“It’s not easy eating healthy and working out when all my friends love fast food,” said senior Krista Charette. “But I know how I want to look in a bathing suit and that is what keeps me motivated.”



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Turning the Scale