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The Princess Project

Katie Brenny, The Bark Reporter

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Every year around spring time, the craziness of prom begins.  The privileged get the luxury of going out and buying the perfect prom dress for the special night, while others cannot afford the hefty price that comes along with a formal dress.  For years this would limit many girls from experiencing their prom.

In February of 2002, The Princess Project was founded by  Laney Whitcanack and Kristi Smith Knutsonl in San Francisco. Their idea was that girls who had already worn prom dresses, which they would never wear again, would donate it to the foundation.  Then girls who can’t afford the price tag can go and pick out their own dress for close to nothing.

Since 2002, the foundation has grown incredibly large. The Princess Project has served thousands of girls, making their dreams come true. In 2005, it turned into a non-profit organization and has been growing ever since. Now even girls that aren’t in need can benefit from The Princess Project as well. Girls that donate dresses are welcome to take part in all that the Princess project has to offer.

Sobrato senior Lindsey Ellenburg used The Princess project this year to find her perfect prom dress.

“I donated a couple dresses to The Princess Project, and in return I found my prom dress! I love my dress so much,” said Ellenburg.

She was also very happy with the price tag that came with her prom experience this year.

“I was so glad to hear that there is a way to experience prom and not pay hundreds of dollars on a dress that I will wear for a total of five hours,” said Ellenburg.

Nimrah Aslam, senior, was another Sobrato student that used The Princess Project this prom season.

“It was a great way to find the perfect dress for me, and I didn’t have to spend anything,” Aslam said.

All in all, the Princess Project is the perfect way for girls to experience their high school prom. There are locations in San Francisco and throughout the Silicon Valley that you can find your perfect prom dress for 2015. To learn even more about The Princess Project check out their website:

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The Princess Project