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Cinco de Mayo Uneventful at Sobrato

Michele Spear, The Bark Reporter

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With issues in the past at Live Oak surrounding Cinco de Mayo, Sobrato staff  took precautions to prevent issues by having a multicultural week and food fair on Cinco de Mayo to celebrate and embrace all cultures.

Teachers also informed the students about the holiday and flag etiquette through advisory lessons and the students’ history or English class.

In 2010,  a group of Live Oak students wore American flag apparel and waved flags in the  front of the school to taunt Hispanic students, making some feel unsafe and offended. The students were then asked to flip their shirt inside out or go home without penalty.

Since that incident, those students have gone to court saying that their First Amendment rights weren’t being considered in the school’s decision. With Cinco de Mayo’s arrival, there will be a protest outside of Live Oak High School.

Sobrato principal Deborah Padilla wasn’t worried about the demonstration affecting Sobrato.

“There is no reason for there to be problems on Cinco de Mayo because there weren’t any problems on St. Patricks day,” Padilla said.

The lessons given in Advisory and other classes focused on this concept, and the idea of acceptance.

On May 5,  Sobrato held a food fair in an attempt and distract students from the Live Oak events and to unify the school. Yet some students stayed home that day because of fears of what could happen, there were no fights or violence happened during school.

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Cinco de Mayo Uneventful at Sobrato