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Sobrato gets techy

Tia Weiss

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If you ever walk into current computer science teacher Daniel Jaramillo’s classroom at lunch you will see a group of enthralled students, busy taking advantage of the technology Sobrato has to offer. Granted many of these students spend their lunch time entertained by various computer games and programs, the potential to turn this easily-dismissed hobby into a legitimate computer science profession is very real.

However, currently, Sobrato is fairly limited in its computer science department as the school only has a CP computer science course. This is why the news of an AP computer science class, scheduled for next year, is an exciting announcement for many.

Through education, schools prepare students for possible career pathways, like agriculture and art. At Sobrato, the technology pathway has been less explored. Sobrato principal Deborah Padilla explained that while Sobrato already has a computer science class, they are trying to provide more options for students aspiring to go into technology careers.

“We’re focusing on improving career pathways, like ones going down engineering and technology routes,” said Padilla.

By adding this new computer science course, Sobrato opens up more options not only for Sobrato students, but to the entire community’s youth.

“As a community we want to expand our offerings,” said Padilla.

Padilla described how adding technology opportunities in our school will benefit the entire community. Sobrato and Live Oak schools are not big enough to offer every course of every pathway. However, if the schools specialize in different pathways, then there will be overall more options for students in the community. With these new options, many students who only saw technology as a hobby will be able to pursue something that they enjoy.

“Our goal is to allow the students to pursue their passion,” Padilla said.

The class will be taught by physics and computer science teacher Daniel Jaramillo, who will be preparing extensively for next year’s course.

“I’ll be doing lots of reading, evaluating textbooks, looking at curriculums, and also going to the AP training over the summer,” said Jaramillo.

Preparation for possible careers in technology is important to many students of the current generation, but even more so to those in the Bay Area. Since Morgan Hill is a part of the Silicon Valley, technology will be an significant part of many Sobrato students’ futures.

“Most schools that have Computer Science have AP Computer Science as well, so it’s kind of something that we needed to have,” Jaramillo said.

The course will give not only AP credits, but also CTE (Career and Technical Education), VOCED (Vocational Education), and CP (College Prep) credits.

“It’s the first semester course that anybody going into computer science would have to take [in college],” Jaramillo said.

Jaramillo explained that next year’s class will focus mainly on Java, a system that will allow students to program a variety things such as applications. The class is currently open to any students who would like to join and students can seek more information about the class in the counseling office.


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Sobrato gets techy