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2014 Senior Exhibition

Yara Mejia, The Bark Reporter

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One more thing on the Senior to-do list; Senior Exhibition.  Ever since Sobrato was established all Senior students are required to participate and fulfill the Senior Exhibition project which consists of a powerpoint presentation about themselves. The presentations give a general reflection of their journey throughout their schooling life as well as their future goals.


Every year students seem to find this project as something extra to do on top of everything else they need to get done before graduation and find themselves irritated by this.


“I get complaints about Senior Exhibition every year from students, including petitions, urging me to cancel the project, but the next day it’s a completely different story, the students and parents end up thanking and telling me they really enjoyed doing this project,” stated principal Deborah Padilla.


Advisory coordinator Kim Stubbe also feels strongly about the positive effects this project has on the students.


“Students walk away with self-knowledge and the memories of their experience at Sobrato,” said Stubbe. “It’s an opportunity where they get to see where they’ve been and where they’re going, but at the same time celebrate how far they’ve come.”


In regards to the project, Padilla’s expectations for this year’s senior class are really positive.


“This year’s graduating class is a very creative group and I expect their presentations to be something interesting to see.”

According to Padilla, every year these presentations are expected to get very emotional.


“Bring tissues. Parents will get emotional, students as well, but it’s all part of the experience and it shows the senior students the impact they have on other people’s lives.”


Senior Exhibitions will take place this year on May 20th at 6pm in the senior students advisory classes.

“This is the first time an advisory class of mine goes through it,” said Stubbe. “We’re excited and prepared and we’re looking forward to a nice evening.”

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2014 Senior Exhibition