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Change in schedule for AP testing was not helpful for students

Lauren Akin

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Did the change of schedule during AP testing really help AP students?  As we all know, the schedule from May 5 to May 16 changes. Instead of having 1-6 on only Monday and block schedule the rest of the week, we had 1-6 on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and then block schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers voted to change the schedule to have more class time with students during AP testing. Most students did not see this beneficial class time because they were missing class anyway.

“I felt the change was worse for me because having to do homework for all my classes after testing made it more difficult to actually study for the test,” said Brandon Garcia, a junior who takes three AP classes. “And because of the days of the tests, I ended up missing most of the days I had my even classes.”

With the change in schedule students received the same amount of homework as they would on block days, but only had one night to complete it. Students then spent more time doing six classes of homework and less time studying for their AP test. Students also tended to miss more block days than non-block for AP testing.

“The way that they added more classes meant I missed more classes when testing,” said Jackie Yago, a junior taking four AP classes.

On top of missing classes, tutorial was also gone from Thursdays and Fridays. This impacted students’ ability to work on homework at school and get help from teachers. With the lack of tutorial time some students fell behind.

“We didn’t have tutorials on the normal days so I was unable to make up the work I missed during that time,” said Rachel McMillan, a junior who took four AP classes.

In the end the schedule change did not benefit AP students in their missed classes, next year the schedule should stay the same because that’s what benefits the students.

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Change in schedule for AP testing was not helpful for students