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Juniors’ Hectic Testing Schedule

Vidyun Bais

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Juniors were incredibly stressed out this year with teachers cracking down and intensely reviewing for AP exams, STAR testing, and Common Core testing. Whereas previously juniors only took the STAR (CST) exams at the end of the year, this year Sobrato, along with all California schools, was a “guinea pig” school that took the new and revised Common Core testing, which is a dramatic departure from previous forms of testing, as it is taken on the computer and aims to test more critical thinking skills.

There is currently a slight period of adjustment going on for both students and teachers with the increased workload.

“Common Core for me is not that far a leap from teaching my AP classes,” said Kim Stubbe, AP English Language teacher. “In my opinion, the Common Core writers took concepts from AP language and dumbed them down, so to speak. The struggle is for the on-level students, who have been assigned critical thinking–it’s difficult for me as a teacher to try to make critical thinking engaging and intellectually stimulating.”

The Common Core testing is drastically different than previous standardized tests given at Sobrato. Students must adjust to this new form of testing as well as cope with AP exams and the SAT.

“I don’t appreciate standardized tests, as I don’t think they test intelligence,” said Amanda Giacobbe, junior. “I found the test bizarre and silly in the type of questions they ask.”

Many are finding it difficult to accommodate all this testing in their busy lives.

“The testing this season was too much,” said Monica Orbon, junior. “I had four AP exams, STAR testing, Common Core testing, and the SAT to prepare for. I think the additional testing interferes with the preparation for AP exams, which are obviously more important. The testing tired me out as well; I can’t take the SAT subject tests anymore because I’m too exhausted from all this testing to study.”

As for motivation for finals, Orbon said “the finals for AP classes are mostly projects, so they will be relatively easy.”


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Juniors’ Hectic Testing Schedule