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Survival Guide to Final Exams

Zack Goller

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Tired of school yet? Well, don’t sleep now because final exams that are worth at least a fifth of your grade are about to be forced into your already hectic schedules! No big deal, right?

Actually, contrary to what most might think, finals aren’t anything to be worried about even though it seems like these tests expect you to be know-it-alls. Sure, there might be some severe cases of long, tedious hours of studying that might be crammed in the night before, because procrastination is clearly a growing trend these days, but in the end it’ll all be worth it.

The question is, how does one survive these tests? The answer to this question lies in following a few simple steps.

Let’s start with something that surely every teenager will enjoy hearing. To survive the final exams, students must sleep. Not just sleep for a couple of hours like a normal school night for someone taking more than three AP classes, but SLEEP. At least eight hours is preferable considering the rough situation on our hands. Students who get a good night’s sleep the night before a big test usually receive higher scores.

Calvin Nuttall, a senior, is one student who thinks sleeping is the right route to take to be successful in finals.

“You definitely have to sleep to prepare for finals,” Nuttall said. “I would spend no more than an hour studying.”

Contrary to this belief, it’s recommended that students should also be familiar with the course material that’s covered on these tests. It’s recommended that you know everything though. No pressure.

Students remember the material on the finals in a whole bunch of different ways. This includes making study guides or making flash cards that are sometimes worth even more points weirdly enough. Students do absolutely everything they can to study for the exams so that they can perform well on them and more importantly, so that they can survive them.

Sometimes, those dreaded finals come in the form of projects instead of tests. The best thing for some students to do these days seems to be to wait until the eleventh hour to just get started on these projects. Procrastination is clearly a popular trend these days.

But let me just say that if a final for a certain class is a project, procrastinating is the stupidest thing to do at this time of year because it basically makes your grade fall off a cliff. Procrastination on these types of projects will be a student’s worst nightmare. Literally. Students will have bad dreams about this type of thing that might just make them start to cry later.

Have I scared you yet?

If that is the case, don’t procrastinate! Work on the project a little bit every day so that the nightmares are kept to a minimum. Pretty easy directions to follow, right? You know what they say: every little bit helps.

While we’re on the topic of stress, that is something that will always seem to conspire against you on the days of the tests. No matter how much you stress before finals, it’s pretty much useless stressing over it. Chase Compton, a sophomore, is someone who sees this way and he keeps calm on finals days.

“I just make sure to stay relaxed while making sure that I know what I need,” Compton said.

At first glance, finals seem like an intimidating force of nature that is conspiring against your very existence, but they’re really not as big of a deal as some would imagine them to be. If you’re stressed out, don’t be because it’s useless to stress over this with summer just peeking around the corner. As long as you sleep the night before and do your absolute best, congratulations! You’ve survived finals and you get two months off! That’s sounds like a fair enough deal for all the hard work put into this year, right?

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Survival Guide to Final Exams