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Crying All the Way to the Bank

Tiara Carrasco

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While money doesn’t grow on trees, the need for the miracle of hundred dollar bills sprouting from the branches from senior’s backyards becomes desperate. With deadlines being shouted at students from the bright ASB posters lining the hallways, it begins to feel as though paying for fun is an impossible task. Grad Night, Prom, Beach Day, and Disneyland are all realities that demand to be payed, and the stressful task of having to pay for something every two weeks becomes all the more daunting.

Fortunately, Sobrato provides a service in which students can raise money to pay for the trips, and many took advantage of the opportunity. By taking on the ambitious task of grabbing a stack of coupon books, looking adults in the eyes and continuously asking, “would you like to buy a coupon book?”, many seniors were able to save themselves quite a lot of money.

One senior, Juan Lozano, did just the thing to help pay for his Prom, Beach Day, and almost all of his Disneyland ticket by selling a whopping twenty coupon books.

“I’m grateful  that I had the chance to sell these because I sold a lot, but I wish there was something more desirable to sell,” Lozano said.

However, while this all sounds entirely positive, many obstacles were presented in becoming a salesman.

Because money is tight for other families or they may just not be in the mood to give, Lozano found that, “Some people just didn’t want to buy them, they said it felt ‘useless’ and they wouldn’t see themselves using it at all,” thus preventing him from making another sale and not contributing to the cause.

Location played a role in whether he could make a sale or not as well as he found that, “People who don’t live close to Morgan Hill or Gilroy aren’t as willing to buy coupon books, most of the time people seemed to buy coupon books just to help out instead of wanting the coupons,” which is fortunate, because by selling coupon books Lozano managed to avoid paying for two events and saved himself almost two hundred dollars.

All in all, the senior events at the end of the year totals to almost four hundred and fifty dollars. So while money may not grow on trees, at least the seniors at Sobrato have coupon books to fall back on.  

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Crying All the Way to the Bank