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College Commitments

Brooke Moreno

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It’s May and the school year is quickly coming to an end. This time is crucial for the senior class, as they make some big decisions on their next steps after high school.

Seniors applied for colleges in the fall and spring, have been accepted, and have had to choose where they want to go after their time at Sobrato. Sobrato seniors are going to a variety of  colleges both in and out of California.

Sobrato Senior Jahne Hill has recently committed to Mills College, a private university in Oakland.

“At first I wasn’t going to go to Mills because it was an all girls school, but I didn’t realize that environment helps empower females to go beyond than what is expected, which I appreciate,” said Hill.

Hill was also considering San Jose State and Portland State, but really liked Mills for its smaller population. She likes how “the school makes you feel like a name and not a number, especially since it’s a small college.” Hill plans to major in International Relations and when she starts school in the fall, she is looking forward to “the freedoms of a college kid” and not being confined to just home and school.

Senior Megan Yabumoto committed to UCLA. “I was so excited when I found out I was accepted! I was so nervous I had to hold my sister’s hand when logging in to the school portal. It was crazy to know that this prestigious school was recognizing me as a strong student, which was so rewarding after accomplishing so much throughout my high school career,” said Yabumoto.

Yabumoto was a part of the 17% of students that were accepted into UCLA. She also got into Cal Berkeley and had to choose between UCLA and Berkeley. “I was so fortunate to have those two schools as my top choices, so it was difficult for me to decide,” said Yabumoto.

“After visiting both campuses, I fell in love with the atmosphere at LA! The campus is beautiful and I couldn’t pass up the weather,” said Yabumoto. She plans to major in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and is looking forward to meeting new people in and out of the United States when she moves to LA. She plans to join clubs and continue playing basketball at an intramural level to enrich her college experience.

Senior Adrianna Baldwin committed to an out of state school, Oregon State University.

“Funny story, I thought I was attending a University of Oregon presentation in Santa Clara. When it hit me that it was actually for OSU, I thought, hey, this college isn’t half bad; I think I may apply,” said Baldwin. The more she learned about Oregon State, the more she fell in love with the school.  

“What I love about OSU besides how green it is, is the pre dental program they offer. Most California schools don’t offer it which made my decision for college quite easy,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin plans to major in Biology and minor in Psychology at OSU. She is looking forward to becoming independent, living somewhere new, and starting over when she moves in the fall. “It’ll be a challenging experience, being away from my family and friends and starting new, but I want to see what else there is and what it’s like to start over,” said Baldwin.

Sobrato seniors are going in many different directions in terms of colleges and majors. Many of them are separating away from their friends they’ve made here, but are more importantly aiming toward their best paths to what they want to do in the future. It is hard to break away from the bonds that students have made here with clubs, sports, people, etc. but these seniors are just starting their paths into successful futures as they move on from Sobrato.

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College Commitments