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The Charms of Barnes: Teacher of the Year

Fatima Perello

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People have different definitions on what a great teacher is. A person can easily remember a previous teacher they had whom they’ve loved or hated. With that being said, a teacher at Ann Sobrato High School is being recognized for his unforgettable year.

With his 21 years of teaching, Howard Barnes keeps improving and learning as a teacher and as an individual. He is an AP World History teacher, Civics teacher, and the Mock Trial club adviser. Furthermore, it is evident he has a lot of involvement with the school and his students. This was all rewarded when he was named Teacher of the Year.

Students and teachers think he well-deserves this for his hard work and dedication. Furthermore, he contributed to others’ lives and successes.

“His teaching was very enthusiastic. He really made history come to life through comparisons and interesting stories. As someone who wants to study global affairs, I feel very well prepared in terms of background,” said Emmanuel Calivo, a former WHAP student of Barnes.

Barnes’ teaching is unique to many. He has a way to fully engage his students with the curriculum.

“I try to make it interesting and relate it to the students as much as possible,” Barnes shared. “If the students are aware of how this affects them, they pay attention more.”

Fellow History colleague, Tracy Murphy said, “He is the History department chair this year, and he’s well-organized and helpful. I’m very excited for him. He’s had a wonderful year.”

Student Michael Macatangay added, “He’s only been helpful to me especially when I first started. He pointed me in the right direction.”

Not only is he an excellent and a helpful teacher but also a great adviser. The mock trial club won the county competition which allowed them to move into the state competition. This success was celebrated by the him, the mock trial members, and the whole school.

“Working with Mr. Barnes in mock trial has been an amazing and rewarding experience. He cares about every single student and wants to see us all thrive,” said student María Morris.

In the light of his personality, his love for his work and students and his positive relationship with other adults made Mr. Barnes stand out. In addition, he has the capacity for growth. Like many teachers, he keeps an open-mind to new changes and remains intellectually alive.

“I’ve definitely gotten more confident and comfortable with the material. But I’m still learning,” said Mr. Barnes when asked how his teaching has changed through the years.

He said, “I was shocked when I won. There are so many other great teachers in the district.”

All in all, his compelling teaching strategies, disciplinary and organized skills, and engaging personality allowed him to achieve a great accomplishment.

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The Charms of Barnes: Teacher of the Year