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When Being an Adult…

John Wilson, The Bark Reporter

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For many students, turning 18 can be a turning point in their lives. A time where some can enjoy many new freedoms and have the sense of “adulthood.” But are you really an adult if you turn 18 while still in high school?

The answer is no. Many agree that the becoming of an adult for the everyday high school student can be intimidating and fun, but what freedoms do you really gain if you’re still in high school? You will still be treated the same, you have to follow the same rules as every other student and you are in no way shape or form looked at as an “adult’ by a teacher.

Why is this? Do teachers not want to accept the fact that they are teaching their equals, or is this all in students’ newly-legal minds? The fact of the matter is, not much changes when you turn 18 in high school. And the things that do change, are not for the better.

One common misconception among students is that when you turn 18 you can now be responsible for yourself and take the initiative to sign yourself out of school. While this is somewhat true there is alot attached to this “privilege.”

“The only way students can sign themselves out of school during the day is if they fully (emancipate) due to at-home personal struggles or court orders,” said assistant principal Vera Gomes. “The student attendance would be a joke if we let kids have the freedom of signing themselves out.”
The thing is, if you turn 18 in high school, the rules still apply because you are still a student.
Another misconception is that if you are ever found guilty of an offense on or during school, the school cannot call your parents. This is in fact untrue, if you break any of the campus rules the administration can, in fact, contact your parents, according to Courtney Macko an assistant principal at Sobrato.

“Students are asked if they would like their parents to be contacted depending on the defense but we feel the parents should be contacted if the offense is, in fact, severe,” Macko said.

So, when you turn 18 in high school not much changes. However, keep in mind, outside of campus you are an adult and if you commit a crime you will be set to more severe punishments.

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When Being an Adult…