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ASB Elections Should Not Take Away Tutorial Time

Zack Goller, The Bark Reporter

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The new school year has definitely stood out from the previous years in terms of how classes were scheduled. This year was more unique than previous years because it brought us a four day block schedule that provides us with three classes a day at a hundred minutes each. The new block schedule has also brought us a new period: Tutorial.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday before lunch, students at Sobrato are provided with 35 minutes to go to any classroom to accomplish things like working on homework, talking to teachers about grades, or even making up a quiz or a test that they missed.

Deborah Padilla, Sobrato’s principal, elaborated on this purpose with a set goal for tutorial to accomplish.

“The ideal goal is to give students the opportunity to get support that they need from their teachers and peers,” said Padilla. “I think if we always tell you where to be, you can never be an independent thinker. Colleges expect you to learn how to think independently.”

It seems like the general consensus is that all Sobrato students are happy with the changes in the scheduling and the opportunities given by tutorial. But a few weeks ago, the ASB elections took place. To the dismay of most of the student body, the tutorial time that day was dedicated to electing new ASB officers for the upcoming school year and listening to the candidates’ speeches rather than permitting them to focus on their schoolwork. Some of these speeches were entertaining while others just seemed to make students not want to care or were way too long.

Padilla elaborated on this choice to move the elections to tutorial this year unlike previous years.

“The ASB elections used to take place during Advisory,” Padilla said. “But they never fit in the Advisory time. Tutorial gave us that extended time. Our goal was to never interrupt classroom time.”

Chris Bezanson, a senior and a member of ASB offered his opinion about the placement of the elections this year during tutorial.

“I think that it is the administration’s choice if tutorial can be taken away,” Bezanson said. “If they say ASB can use it, then let ASB use it.”

The administration also made this decision when they considered the recent necessities of the usage of Advisory. Kevin Miller, one of Sobrato’s assistant principals, revealed one of these reasons.

“We needed to have Advisory for the registration process,” he explained.

The decision to move those speeches to tutorial this year subsequently took away the student body’s time to get the support that they needed that day. Some students didn’t mind it, others didn’t like it. Nicolas Dinato, a freshman, was one of the many students affected by this decision.

“I was disappointed that tutorial time was taken away that day,” he said. “Tutorial time should be used to get help with schoolwork or to complete it.”

Our handbook that’s always in the front of our agenda always tells us that Sobrato’s mission, like all other high schools in the Morgan Hill Unified School District is to educate our students in a safe learning environment and to allow them to excel at their highest so they can graduate high school with confidence that they will excel in post-secondary endeavors and more importantly, the real world.

Judging by the general consensus, tutorial seems like a very significant step toward achieving that mission. However, there were many students that would rather have had the time that day during tutorial to work and get support like any other day. At the same time, we also have to consider the fact that class time can’t be diminished for our benefits to help us towards a bright future.

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ASB Elections Should Not Take Away Tutorial Time