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Bash on Trash

Fatima Perello

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Schools can be judged based on their students, teachers, mascots, and campuses. Based off of the Ann Sobrato High School campus, there seems to be an unresolved problem: students have a habit of throwing their garbage everywhere.

A clean school environment enhances the atmosphere. Given that, a clean campus can create a more positive attitude and uplift the school’s ambiance and everyone’s spirit.  On the contrary, a dirty campus can reflect badly on its staff and students.

“When I visit the school, I expect it to be clean. I don’t want my child to be in a place filled with trash and infested with seagulls,” claims Greg Tokushige, father of Nick Tokushige (11).

Student supervisor, Lynn Rodrigues, has been working at this school for 10 years. According to her, this garbage issue is old news.

“I don’t think the students take pride in the school,” Rodrigues said. “There are over 300 garbage cans and the kids just can’t seem to get their trash in them.”

This issue has become worse as the years pass.

“This school produces about 6 yards of trash per day,” says Daniel Camus, the school custodian. “When I was a student, our school did not look like this. I think it’s a problem with the newer generation.”

For this reason, he wishes the students would respect their surroundings and be more conscious of the environment.

In reality, students are completely aware of the amount of garbage around.

“When people litter, I think this reflects that some of the students are lazy. They expect the custodians to clean up after them,” says Vanessa Ayora (11).

However, it appears to be a chain reaction whether or not students leave their trash on the ground. Once one student does it, others think it’s not that big of a deal to do the same.

“I think me not throwing trash on the ground doesn’t make that much of a difference since a large amount of people still do,” adds Jade Whatley (10).

That is to say, every student, every teacher, every staff needs to participate as we try to improve the school. Trash piling are common in most schools. Being that, Ann Sobrato High School, as a whole, needs a commitment to help reduce waste.

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Bash on Trash