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Vegetarian Lunches at Sobrato: An Inside Look

Sonjya Endres

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As the ratio of vegetarians to meat eaters is very low, vegetarians aren’t always accommodated in school cafeteria lunches. This is demonstrated by the lack of food options which are offered in the cafeteria. At Sobrato, some of the very few vegetarian options include: mac n cheese, pizza, and a special pasta made by the cafeteria staff.

Vegetarian, Shannon Devlin states that she “dislikes that there are no options for vegetarians at Sobrato because I have to wake up earlier to make myself lunch, and when I don’t I go hungry.”

Devlin is not the only vegetarian which faces such problems. Student, Emma Blas, also goes hungry on occasion and has to “bum food of friends” in order to not be hungry during school.

This may sound pretty difficult for vegetarians, however it is a little more complex then simply not wanting to accommodate for them. There is a reason for the lack of options offered at Sobrato.

School lunch supervisor, Rosemary, explains that there “needs to be certain portions of fruits, veggies, 2 oz of protein, which is usually meat.  You need at least 3/5 of  items for brunch and 5/7 for lunch.”

There is a strict criteria which the school cafeteria must accomplish to be in operation. This alone, makes it much harder to accommodate for vegetarians by compensating for 2 oz of what would normally be meat.

The cafeteria has tried to accommodate for vegetarians. They have a few times however there was not many vegetarians actually partaking in this.

Rosemary says that the cafeteria has “ran vegetarian options, but the student body did not like it and it was not cost effective, so it had to be taken out.” She later mentioned again that “the numbers just drop when we offer vegetarian options.”

There was most likely a lack of knowledge as to why there were not many sales, if it was advertised bigger and better many more vegetarians would have complied and truly have been thankful for the accommodation.

“If more people complained and asked for it we could deliver more effectively.”

Vegetarians need to start questioning and commenting to be more reformative and revolutionary. Then, the cafeteria will conform to a more vegetarian friendly options.

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Vegetarian Lunches at Sobrato: An Inside Look