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Badminton team strives with new coach

Angelica Pineda, The Bark Staff Reporter

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Sokthea D. Mov, Sobrato badminton’s new coach, is no unfamiliar face to the team. Being assistant coach for the past 2 years, he has now taken place as the head coach for the 2012-2013 season.

With a big role, Mov is responsible for more things such as creating their practice schedules, making sure everyone is focused during practices, designing the team jerseys and constantly keeping the Facebook group updated for everyone.

“This is much different from assistant coach,” said Mov. “For the last two years, I didn’t do any of those things.”

Megan Langga, a senior on varsity, has been playing since her freshman year and that’s how she met Mov.

”The new coach for badminton, Sokthea, is great,” said Langga. “He is actually the older brother of one of our alumni. I’ve known him for a long time as a friend, so I asked him to be our coach this year.”

Mov isn’t only accepted by the team as their coach, but as a friend as well because of how well he connects with the players.

“We joke around with him all the time because we’re all comfortable with talking to him,” said Langga.

Michelle Luu, a junior on varsity, has connected with Mov a lot more because of how he interacts with the players.

“The new coach is an awesome player,” said Luu. “He really helps out his players and he always plays with the players to help them improve.”

This year the team has bumped up into C division, moving past Del Mar High School and Yerba Buena High School, and now playing schools like Gunderson High School, James Lick High School, Live Oak High School, San Jose High School and Willow Glen High School.

“Many of the teams we play this year are challenging and tough, but in the end, we learn from experience and know how much more we need to improve not only as individuals, but as a team,” said Langga.

Mov has been a great addition to the team and has the leadership they’ve been looking for. Though the team is smaller this year compared to others, they have been motivated by fresh attitude of the new coach.

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Badminton team strives with new coach