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Senior heartbreak at the powderpuff game

Bekah Inouye, The Bark Co- Opinions editor

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Though the record books will always show the juniors as the winners of the 2013 Powderpuff game, anyone who actually attended the game knows who really won. One call by the referees robbed the seniors of their victory and handed the trophy to the juniors.

As the game was coming to an end, the juniors, up 8 to 4, had possession of the ball deep in their own territory. ASB Director Maria Carroll called that it was the last play of the game and action began. The juniors tried a hail mary throw to try an avoid a safety. The throw, however, was intercepted by senior Roshni Vyas. She ran the ball in to the end-zone and scored a game winning touchdown. The celebration was beautiful.

“I turned and saw all these people running at me,” said Vyas. “Then I found myself at the bottom of a dog pile. We were all screaming and laughing and it was amazing.”

The girls lifted Vyas up and were chanting “MVP!” when they noticed something was wrong. Ted Thomas, the ref, was talking to the coaches and then the juniors started celebrating.

Apparently, according to Powderpuff rules, the touchdown didn’t count and the juniors had won.

“Before the game I had told the coaches that interceptions were dead balls,” said Thomas. “Vyas intercepted the ball outside the end-zone and then ran it in. According to the rules, it was only fair to call back the points.”

This call created a huge controversy in the game. The juniors, thrilled to have finally beaten the seniors, wouldn’t listen as the seniors repeatedly claimed that they had only won on a technicality.

“It’s disappointing that a game like that came down to a call by the refs,” said senior coach Michael Bocksnick. “The girls all played incredibly well and that interception was the highlight of the game.”

Disappointing doesn’t begin to cover the emotions of the senior players, however.

“I was so angry,” said Vyas. “It should have been ruled a touchdown. It was a clean play. We intercepted it. They didn’t pull my flag. End of story. We all know who really won.”

To give the juniors credit, they did play an extremely aggressive game and they forced the seniors to give up four safeties. Rebecca Rottenborn, the star of the junior team, ran the ball with incredible skill. Laeni Gross intercepted one of the seniors’ throws in the first half. The seniors respect the juniors’ skill, but that wasn’t what was upsetting them.

“We aren’t saying that the juniors are bad players,” said Vyas. “We’re just upset that we made an amazing play that clearly should have won us the game, but it didn’t. The juniors are good players, but we earned that win.”

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Senior heartbreak at the powderpuff game