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Bogden soars to new heights

Bekah Inouye, The Bark Co- Opinions editor

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Records are made to be broken, at least that’s how the saying goes, right? But imagine trying to break a seven year record during your senior year without proper coaching. Seems a little more difficult. Well, amazingly enough, one talented and hardworking Amanda Bogden was up to the task. This track season, her years of dedication finally paid off when she broke the school pole vaulting record (9’6”) set in 2006 by Franzi Gellert by vaulting 9’8” at league finals.

“I went into this season with one goal: beat the record,” said Bogden, a senior. “It was so surreal when I was actually able to achieve my dream.”

Pole vaulting is one of the most unique events at a track meet. There is so much strength and technique and form required and any little mistake, like starting an inch back from one’s mark, can completely ruin a vault. Bogden, fighting shin splints throughout the season, was able to perfect this crazy event without a coach.

“Some days I go over to Willow Glen and train with them because they have a great vaulting coach, but for the most part I’ve been on my own for pole vault,” said Bogden. “Keezy (Coach King) is great, but he isn’t specifically a vaulting coach, so it’s been an interesting season.”

Not only has Bogden been able to coach herself, but she has also been helping to train the new Sobrato vaulters.

“Amanda’s great,” said sophomore track member Elizabeth Tran. “Last year when I vaulted she was like a mentor and a coach for me and she always pushed me to be the best competitor I could be.”

Bogden is an integral part of the track team and her presence definitely brightens practices.

“She’s one of the most dedicated and welcoming female athletes at our school and she deserves to be recognized for her talent,” said head coach Albert King. “She’s become like a daughter to me and I’m so proud of her for breaking the school record.”

To finish off her senior season, Bogden competed at the Central Coast Semifinals on May 18th. Although she’s now done with high school track, she is not ready to give up pole vaulting quite yet. Next year she hopes to continue vaulting at the University of California, Davis.

“I love to pole vault,” said Bogden. “It’s weird that a sport that I only started four years ago has become such an important part of my life, but it has. I can’t imagine what I would do if I wasn’t able to vault.”

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Bogden soars to new heights