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Sobrato’s Forgotten Sport

Thomas Blas, The Bark Staff Reporter

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Many Sobrato students do not know that Sobrato has its very own roller hockey team.  Some don’t even know what roller hockey is. In fact, roller hockey at Sobrato is a club sport. This is due to the fact that the sport cannot be played on school campus.

Instead, games and practice take place at Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose.  Three seasons take place over the course of a school year -the next season usually starts one week after the previous one ends. Players are divided into two teams by skill level.  The teams are called Sobrato White and Sobrato Black, however they are often referred to as JV and Varsity by players and coaches. Both teams compete with other schools on the weekends and at the end of every season, a tournament decides which team is the champion of the division.

Although many people seem to think that because roller hockey is a club and not an official school sport, it is not a “real” sport, but it is real to the players. Practice is minimal, largely due to the high cost of renting rink space to hold it.  Fewer people know when games are and even fewer know to look for Bulldogs all the way in South San Jose.  When Sobrato kids do come out to watch games, they are surprised by the excitement of the school’s forgotten sport.

“That was really intense!” said Monica Lopez, a junior, after an especially close game against one of Bellarmine’s teams.

Both players and fans wish that more people would come to watch games.  Nevertheless, the players focus more on their own game than how many of their friends are in the stands.

“I play hockey because I love the sport,” said Logan Garrett, a junior on the team.

Coaches are volunteers who give up their own time to help facilitate practices and run the bench during games.

“I grew up in Detroit,” said Sobrato White coach Jeff Wilson, “and I’ve been playing hockey my whole life.”

As the season winds down, both Sobrato roller hockey teams are looking forward to their playoff tournaments that will take place during the weekend of June 8.  Both teams are defending champions in their divisions looking for a second win in a row.  These groups of dedicated players are still highly ranked in their respective divisions and both intend to bring home championship shirts after the tournament.

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Sobrato’s Forgotten Sport