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The Diving Mentality

Lauren Akin, The Bark Reporter

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Diving is one of the most mental sports athletes can compete in; when diving, one needs to overcome the fear and nerves that occur before a dive. Before the dive the athletes need it to be all quiet so they can focus on the dive and prepare themselves. This year’s new coach, Patrick Powers, has proven to help the dive team mature and conquer the fear of the dive.

“I’m laid back, but the key to diving is the psychological aspects,” said Powers. “I coach for the athlete, to not handle only the technique, but also the mental part and the nerves.”

Powers has done a lot to prepare the athlete to handle the mentality of diving this year. He has taught the key part to preparing the athlete to execute the dive; the students have shown that they take the mental aspects seriously.

“You have to tell your brain that it’s okay to try the dive,” Maddie Bleeg, a sophomore on the dive team, said. “It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before; it’s like doing mind tricks on your own mind.”

Along with the adjustment that the divers have to make in the psychological aspect, they also have to change their work ethic. They have had to learn to push and motivate themselves to achieve greatness.

“The coach can only tell you how to do something, it’s up to the diver to actually get it. Diving is a sport that comes down to your effort,” said Parth Shah, sophomore.

A diver has to be strong both psychologically and physically to execute their dives without messing up. This years team is bigger than lasts, and they are working their way up in the league. Powers wants the team to excel even more this year than last. The challenges this year are the same as last in terms of learning new dives and executing them.

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The Diving Mentality