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Sobrato Baseball: Searching for Success

Nick Mayes and Zayne Patino, The Bark Reporters

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The Sobrato baseball team has had many challenges to overcome throughout the season, as well as the past couple years. The Bulldogs, who are currently 1-11 in league, have had a rough start to the season despite higher expectations.


“The goal for this year was to establish a tough and competitive mindset in the program,” said head baseball coach Erik Wagle. “We wanted to raise the level of accountability and teach the players how to compete on the field and in life.”

The seniors this year have had a rough road at Sobrato with having a new coaching staff every year. It’s tough to have team chemistry when having to follow a new coaching philosophy every year.


“It’s been challenging, but that’s what baseball is all about. Facing challenges head on and overcoming them,” said senior Nick Giordano. “No doubt the Bulldogs have the mindset to win, it’s just coming together and doing it together as a team.”

The Sobrato baseball players seem to like the new coaching style. The coaches have put all their time and effort to make these players better.


“I think there’s a good connection with the players and coaches, there’s a lot of communication with both and very honest and straightforward,” said senior first baseman Alejandro Torres. “The coaching style is a big step up from years past and has made the team better, we just don’t have the wins to show for the work we’ve put in.”


Also senior Bradley Higgins said “The coaching staff is the best in the past four years, they are dedicated and love the game.”

The Bulldogs may not be in the running for playoffs this year, but that doesn’t mean they are giving up. They will continue to give other teams a run for their money.

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Sobrato Baseball: Searching for Success