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You Just Got Served

Rishika Patel

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This years Sobrato’s Boys Tennis faced many new complications but they have learned to defeat these obstacles just like the professionals.

The team’s main fear was that they will not have enough players to have a full team. If this was the case, they would be a club and not get to complete like other schools do. This was a big deal for our tennis players.

“I was the top player on the team and when I heard we don’t have enough players for a full team, I tried getting everyone I knew to join. So far I have gotten 5 people to join which is great and now we have a full team which is great as well,” ninth grade student Satyen Patel said.

Having a new coach and getting people to join showed the team how lucky they are. Having a small team also made them bond a lot more. They helped and encourage each other to do better.      

Seeing what has happened to these students make it that much better that they were able to have a team. The group welcomed many new students who have learned to love the sport. Also the new members have found a love for the sport.  

“I just started playing tennis because of my friend and now I have learned that tennis is about having fun and defeating our opponents. After getting enough people on the team, we started to focus on our techniques which really helped us to thrive better as a team,” ninth grade student Brian Hui said.

Before, other students who hadn’t joined till later felt as if tennis was boring and unexciting. Now they have learned how fun the sport truly is. They have also learned to take advantage of how they were able to be part of a great team.

The boys tennis team have learned to never give up and keep trying and to face the obstacles that try and defeat them.

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You Just Got Served