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How Does He Do It?

Justin Hernandez

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Jarod Hatch, commonly known as “The Myth” or “The Legend” among rival high schools, can be seen breaking records and crushing opponents at the Sobrato swimming pool during any swim meet. Many struggle to reach the level of success which he has surpassed, how does he do it? What is his secret? Hatch insists that his work ethic and motivation derive from two things, family and his long time coach Tom Lebherz.

When asked about the role of friends and family, Hatch replied: “I don’t have too many true friends, so I mostly rely on my family and my coach, who I definitely consider a part of my family. Yeah, family definitely plays a huge role in my career.”

Not only does Hatch maintain a physically and mentally fit composure,he also manages to engender a comfortable bond with his family. However, the term ‘family’ doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be direct relatives. Hatch has managed to produce a strong bond with his swim coach Tom Lebherz, and vice versa. For many families, Hatch is seen as a respectable and cognizant teenager; aspects which can be credited to Lebherz.

“I believe the more you work, the harder you work, the more you put in, the more you get out,” said Lebherz when addressed about his coaching methods. “I view swimming as a form of building character, building self esteem, and building time oriented skills so that they’re able to to complete school work, do athletics, have a social life and manage their family life in a meaningful way.”

Believe it or not, Hatch hasn’t always been a well structured speed demon; and Lebherz didn’t expect him to ever be. However, that didn’t stop Hatch, everyday he worked harder and harder to prove himself to his family and Lebherz. Lebherz was able to offer his support and words of wisdom to help set Hatch on the path towards a healthy social and academic life, and Hatch’s parents were able to provide him with the love, support, and financial expenses necessary to overcome any obstacles he encountered. Hatch, of course, owes it all to family.

“I know I can help repay my parents with all they have done for me by getting a full ride scholarship so they don’t have to pay,” said Hatch regarding his motivation to work harder. “My parents struggled a lot when they were younger, and just to see where they are today just makes me want to be like them when I grow up.”  

Hatch doesn’t rely on others opinions to define who he is or what he will become. Hatch doesn’t rely on anybody except for family, in the end, family is all that matters to Hatch; without the support of his family and coach, he would never be where he is today. Hatch, of course, is on a journey to success which will evidently accurately portray the importance of family.

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How Does He Do It?