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The Cons of Rallies

Zack Goller, The Bark Reporter

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Every year, ASB puts together three rallies (Fall Homecoming, Spring Homecoming, and Battle of the Sexes) to achieve a specific purpose.

“The purpose of rallies is to create energy and excitement for the school,” said Marla Carroll, ASB director.

Rally commissioner Vi Tran elaborated more on how rallies are like an escape from the normal high school routine.

“I think rallies are a fantastic way to boost school spirit while also being a good escape from the everyday obstacles of school,” Tran said. “Everyone needs a break once in a while, so the rallies are a great way to take everyone’s minds off all the stress that comes with being a successful student at Sobrato.”

These rallies can be beneficial towards raising school spirit. However, there are always flaws in achieving a purpose.

One of the major flaws behind rallies is the requirement that every student to attend the day rallies. When rallies take place during the school day, that’s what it seems like to students: a requirement. There’s only a small percentage of the student body that legitimately want to be there compared to those that feel like they’re being forced into the gym for the rally.

So instead of fitting the rallies into the normal bell schedule, what if all of the rallies were held at night?

The Fall Homecoming Rally has annually taken place at night every year with a bonfire immediately following it. This rally is perceived by many as the best rally of the year and it usually is. Tran definitely saw the fall rally as one of the best.

“The fall rally is always fun because it’s the biggest and everyone goes because they want to go, unlike the rest of the rallies,” Tran said.

Varunjit Singh, a senior, is another student that thinks that the fall rally is always the best one.

“I always like the enthusiasm at these rallies,” he said. “They’re a great way to spend time with friends too.

Enthusiasm was a key element of the rallies’ success this year in Carroll’s mind.

“I think the rallies were a success this year,” said Carroll. “I saw a lot of energy, but things can always improve. I’d definitely like to get more input from the school.”

So if rallies should drastically improve next year, those students that want change should suggest these ideas by talking to Carroll or any member of ASB as soon as possible.

This includes holding all the rallies at night.

But even if all the rallies can’t be night rallies, students have provided many ideas about how to improve the rallies during the school day.

Jennifer Bell, a sophomore, suggested removing the class skits as she didn’t see a purpose in them being performed.

“I’d would make every rally like the Battle of the Sexes Rally with fun and interactive games for everyone,” said Bell. “Not just dances and silly skits.”

Some students thought the overall quality of the rallies has to change and be improved upon for next year. Miguel Alba, a junior, was one of these students.

“I think the production value could definitely be improved upon for next year,” said Alba. “I thought the only really good skits this year were the teacher skits at both Homecoming Rallies.”

If all these changes were proposed to ASB through talking to Ms. Carroll or an ASB student representative, then the rallies would definitely be more effective in moving towards the goal of increasing school spirit. That’s something that Tran would want to see next year.

“The rallies are what you make of it,” she said. “The ones out there being crazy and getting involved are the ones who have the most fun. Next year, I’d definitely like to see 100% Sobrato involvement at the rally so everyone leaves happy and excited for the next rally.”

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The Cons of Rallies