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Making it Up as They Go Along: Comedy Sportz

Eliza Racine

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Although it has been around for about two years, a new organization at Sobrato known as Comedy Sportz wishes to thrive in the next school year. This is a group that performs improvisational comedy, or improv for short. They play games with a predetermined format and, without having any script or predetermined plot, pull out whatever comes to mind to perform scenes and make audiences laugh.

“The explicit purpose of improv is to be funny and provide a hilarious show with minimal preparation,” said Calvin Nuttall, senior and current captain of the team.

Nuttall started Comedy Sportz last year. As the captain, he organizes team events like competitions with. Most of the members come from the Sobrato Theater Society (STS), and the membership has slowly built up from last year’s four to five regulars to eight. Nuttall hopes more members come from different groups around the school in the future.

“Our biggest roadblocks come in the form of the school’s plays and musicals,” Nuttall added. “Their frequent after school rehearsals drastically reduced attendance of practices and workshops.”

Along with his oncoming adult life, Nuttall also has to pass on leadership to another student. While members next year will decide on their new captain, Nuttall leaves Comedy Sportz in the capable hands of a talented freshman named Nicolas Dinato to organize and rally the club next year. Dinato had a fantastic year with his friends in Comedy Sportz and would love to continue participating next year.

“We plan on getting Comedy Sportz more well known and have more frequent competitions,” Dinato said.

Nuttall has high hopes that Comedy Sportz will gain momentum as it becomes a separate club from STS.

“What I really want is for the club to gain a more diverse membership,” said Nuttall. “Drama kids are all over it, but there are a lot of students here who love comedy but aren’t into the whole theater business. With some more publicity and public shows, I can imagine the club gaining a lot of membership quite easily.”

Once it is established as an official club, their coach, drama teacher Christopher deMelo, will become their club adviser. His role as the coach includes playing games with the students as well as developing skills in improv. Like Nuttall and Dinato, deMelo hopes to have Comedy Sportz branch off as a separate club from STS and perform regularly in order to have a name on campus. Compared to last year, the team has learned many new games and of course grown in number.

He encourages the students of Sobrato to join Comedy Sportz even if they do not have the proper skills to perform improv because everyone learns and no one is perfect.

“All you need is an imagination and the willingness to be goofy,” said deMelo.

Comedy Sportz practices meet in room F011 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until five in the afternoon for those who want to try being funny by making up jokes off the top of their heads.

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Making it Up as They Go Along: Comedy Sportz