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The Senior Corner – An Introduction

Sarah Machado

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JUNE 3RD, 2016, the countdown to graduation is nears its end, less than 60 school days until summer vacation, and then what? This four year journey we call high school is coming to its finish, making me go on a rampage of thoughts asking what’s next.

Seniors are now at the point of self reflection and up against the immense responsibility of deciding their future. They’ve done high school and they now have to make the big decisions. Seniors may ask: what do I want to do after graduation? What did I do these last four years? What did I even actually learn?

Senior year is a time of responsibilities being pushed and pulled, it’s a time for big decisions to be made, and time where a lot of realizations about the future set in. Some seniors have begun feeling the pressure.

“Senior year is crazy. Between applying for college, planning my whole future, saving money for college and all the senior events, staying involved in what’s happening at school with ASB, keeping up with my studies, and still trying to go and have fun, I am booked. Senior year is the year of no time off,” said senior Cayla Oty.

The non-stop and on-the-go attitudes of seniors takes a tremendous toll, creating the very apparent disease that is senioritis.

“Senioritis hits you hard after first semester. Honestly I wish I could just hit pause, take a nap for a year and then maybe I could be ready to finish the year out,” said senior Kelli Desrochers.

Teachers go through the day-to-day of seeing either a senior pushing hard through the home stretch, or the horrendous plague of senioritis taking the reigns over their student. Either way, teachers of the senior class help to offer interesting perspectives of those who have been there and done that, and has been successful.

One person who knows the variety of experiences seniors face is Mrs. Marla Caroll, who has been a teacher for over 30 years and, and has taught all grades from Pre-K to seniors.

“Students don’t realize the stress seniors go through and underclassmen can’t realize it until they are in their shoes,” said Carroll. “The unknown of your future takes away the comfort zone of seniors, those little comfort school days are near their end, and the level of wisdom and maturity that come with that set in as a senior.”

This level of growth and knowledge is what seniors leave behind, and it is now time for the class of 2016 to spread this knowledge to our younger peers.

Moving forward in The Senior Corner, The Bark will work to spread this growth and knowledge, providing a series of articles giving honest advice, and the truthful stories of life at Sobrato.

Senior year isn’t easy. High School isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. But hopefully, these articles will make high school seem a little more manageable.

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The Senior Corner – An Introduction