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The Senior Corner – Freshman Year to Senior Year

Sarah Machado

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Freshman year, we were all there, as a sophomore trying to distance yourself from everything you did that year, and as junior laughing at it, and as a senior not even remembering ever being that small.

Looking back, remembering trying to walk around just trying to make new friends and dragging around huge backpacks, filled with everything, forgetting pens or pencils but remembering phone chargers and headphones.  

“Freshman year I used to wake up an hour before school to get ready. I’d put on a full face of makeup, dress up in my best, and be on time every day. Senior year I’m lucky if I leave my house with my hair down, and something other than leggings or sweats on. I’m lucky if I even leave my house,” said senior Kylie Weeks.

The transition from freshman to senior year, is completely visible, ask your teacher, ask your parents, or just scroll down on your Instagram timeline, and you’ll see, puberty happens. You are growing up, and yes you should ask your mom to untag you from that freshman year facebook photo where you had braces, pizza face, and purple eyeshadow on. But, it’s okay. We were all there. You do grow up.

The physical change between freshman and senior isn’t the only one we see running apparent, but level of maturity, personality and motivation.

“Senioritis is real, so real in fact before you choose your classes think wisely  for your final year. You should really consider whether pushing yourself through AP Calc, AP Lit or AP whatever is really worth it,” said senior  Savanh Perry.

Furthermore, as a freshman you think you have the motivation to strive for the next four years, but school will take it’s toll. Sophomore year you will get your first taste of AP whatever. Junior year you may die because AP is all you know, and senior year you’re officially in survival mode.

So buck up and be prepared and while many things about freshman year aren’t so glamorous, keeping the motivation and hope for the future is one of the few things I hope you don’t lose through your four years.

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The Senior Corner – Freshman Year to Senior Year