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Summer on a Budget

Emma Nunes

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With summer quickly approaching, students must consider what they will be doing for the months we are off of school. Some might enroll in summer camps or go on vacations, but these activities can cost a large amount of money, and lot of students don’t have the money to do these things constantly. However, there are many options that won’t break the bank.

It is important to know that it is not necessary to spend money to have fun during the summer. Whether it’s leading groups, bonding with friends or finding activities to do at home, it is not hard to find fun, low budget ideas to do during the summer.

Many students enjoy staying at home and finding different activities to do.

“During the Summer I usually swim, and invite friends over. It doesn’t cost money to do this, because having fun without spending money is possible,” ninth grader Emmy Girouard said.

Additionally, having fun during the summer does not need to cost money. An activity that costs little to no money, is doing a DIY project. These can be found online, and usually they require materials that are found around the house. Various websites include Pinterest and Real Simple that are sure to help any student beat summer boredom. These activities are very enjoyable for most, and they often don’t cost a large amount to do.

During the summer there are also many opportunities for leadership activities. These activities can appeal to students who thrive in a position of leadership, and want to challenge themselves.

“In leadership activities you are not only making yourself a better person, but you are helping teach others and helping the community become a better place.”, said freshman Sammy Main.

Main expresses her love for Funshine Day Camp, a girl scout camp that provides and fun service for little girls, and opportunities for people to work in a leadership environment. Although Funshine is no longer taking sign-ups, there are many other activities available that can challenge and interest many people. Working at a day camp appeals to many students, and often costs a fraction of the price than it would if you were to go to one of the camps.

“It’s a place where you can meet new friends, become better at leadership skills and skills working with a group of people you may not know well. We put a lot of work in seeing all the happy girls with huge smiles on their faces makes it more worth it,” Main said.

Whether it’s making projects at home or working at a day camp, there are many activities that are sure to put a smile on your face, and not break the bank.

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Summer on a Budget