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Becoming a Cardinal

Alyssa Kern

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Every year in late November, students have their eyes glued to computer screens for days or even weeks at a time, reading over their applications, formulating letters of recommendation, and editing personal statements.

Students applying to Stanford are even more nervous after they click that “submit” button, because Stanford is one of the most prestigious private research universities. Out of the 42,497 applicants, a little over 2,142 students were accepted this year, and the acceptance rate is decreasing according to the Stanford Admissions website.

With such a small acceptance rate, Stanford has become one of the most competitive private universities exemplifying its well-known reputation as an amazing research university with rigorous courses and intellectually appealing classes. A single student from Sobrato proved that she had worked hard enough in her four years of high school to be admitted to Stanford University for this upcoming fall.

Erica Kelley, a senior at Sobrato, was thrilled to be informed that she was accepted into the Psychology program at Stanford.

“A bunch of my friends came over and we all screamed about it together and jumped around. It was a surreal combination of excitement and shock and disbelief. I just couldn’t believe I had been accepted,” Kelley said.

Seeing students with such big dreams, ones who are meeting high standards, is rewarding for the alumni of these competitive schools to see. Ms. Rottenborn, an AP Biology and Anatomy teacher at Sobrato High School, attended Stanford University for her graduate degree.

“I am very proud of our Sobrato students who have been accepted to Stanford over the years because the Stanford name has an allure due to it’s reputation for rigor and innovation in learning and research in almost every field of study,” Rottenborn.

Additionally, Rottenborn has advice for all graduating seniors about their upcoming future choices..

“I’ve said this to many students before, ‘Bloom where you’re planted,’ Learners are good ones when they feel passionate about what they’re learning, so my hope for students is that they keep open minds to be life-long learners until they identify their passion,” said Rottenborn. “Then, they can go to an institution of higher learning where they can follow studies in line with their passion and they’ll ‘bloom’ wherever they are.”

At Sobrato, there is a mass of ambitious students who have been admitted into amazing schools, ranging from state schools, to UC’s, all the way up to private schools like University of Southern California, Santa Clara University, and even Stanford University. These focused students have definitely taken Rottenborn’s advice, and the immense amount of dedication these students have put into their four years of school has truly paid off. Students from Sobrato have a bright blooming future awaiting them.

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Becoming a Cardinal