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The Music Behind “Smile”

Emma Nunes

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“Smile,” the spring musical this year, was a well rounded production that was full of thorough performances. But while watching the show, it may be easy to forget some of the key parts that made it as fantastic as it was.

It is important to know that with a large production, there is a lot more going on than what the audience sees on stage. The pit orchestra is one of the most important parts of the musical because without it, most areas of the musical would be lost. The importance of this component of the show cannot be stressed enough as it is one of the parts that makes a musical a musical. Members of the cast appreciate the work that they put in, and understand the importance of the orchestra.

“The pit orchestra is super important because without them, there would be no musical. Every single one of the dances has cues within the music, and without those we would’ve been lost.,” said Teagen Holmquist, an actress in the musical.

The pit orchestra is an essential component to making the musical a success. Whether it’s providing cues, being the star of a number or just giving background to a scene, the pit is needed to complete the musical experience.

“For the first two months, we practiced three times a week, but in the couple week leading up to the show, we were practicing everyday. We are definitely appreciated by the cast members, because they understand how important the pit orchestra is,” said Jacob Nunes a member of the pit orchestra.  

Just like the actors and actresses, the members of the pit orchestra work hard to make the musical an enjoyable experience for all spectators. This dedication should be appreciated greatly as it is what the musical is built upon.

“I think everyone in or involved in the musical should be appreciated for how much time and effort they put in,” said Holmquist.

The pit orchestra is the base on which the musical is founded on. So, the next time you watch a musical, take a minute to consider the component you can’t see all that well, and listen to the hard work and passion put forth by the musicians in the pit orchestra.

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The Music Behind “Smile”