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What’s After High School?

Jessica Daley

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With the year coming to an end and seniors making decisions for after high school, Sobrato’s student body is curious to hear about where their peers are going.

One student in particular has worked hard through all four years and has been offered admission to multiple Ivy League and highly-ranked universities. Emmanuel Calivo, Sobrato senior of 2017 was accepted to a number of colleges, including USF, UCSB, UCSD, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard. He finished with a cumulative GPA of 4.3 and was “heavily involved in extracurriculars like Sobrato FFA, Model UN, and volunteering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

As he had so many options and a decision needed to be made, there was a lot of internal debate about where to attend.  However, according to Calivo, “After a really amazing admitted students weekend, I decided to commit to Harvard University for the next four years. Go Crimson!”

Calivo pointed out that a large part of where you go has to do with the people you surround yourself with. Making sure you have people around you who are encouraging, want the best for you, and can help you along the way is an important part of life.

“I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by supportive people, including teachers, advisors, friends, and family who have always allowed me to be myself and perform my best. They’re all a huge part of everything I’ve accomplished so far and of everything I will accomplish in the future,” said Calivo.

Calivo also had some advice for current Sobrato students.

“Do what you love and do it well! It’s easy to get caught up in the rush for the best grades and scores, but I’ve always believed that the experience and people you meet in high school are infinitely more important because they help you discover what kind of person you are and what kinds of things you enjoy.” 

We look forward to hearing more from this Bulldog about his future accomplishments.

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What’s After High School?